Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn


Okay, here is the thing.  I like dark and twisted stories.  The twisted plotlines and authentically scarred characters pull me and I am hooked.  

Gone Girl was on my list of books to read on my Nook through a local library, and it finally became available recently.  I was torn, because I had just finished reading the 2nd book of Fifty Shades and wanted to continue onto the last book, but I had heard so much about Gone Girl, I decided to take a break from Fifty Shades and I am so glad that I did!  

I have to admit, that it took me a bit to get into the book, but I kept reading determined to finish it, as I had heard so much about it, then all of the sudden, I was HOOKED!!  Gone Girl in the end is a decent read.  It is completely unpredictable, it is dark and the characters are twisted.  The story is told from the alternating point of view of a wife and husband.  The story pulls you in and you think that you know what is happening, you think you know the characters and then BAM.  Seriously BAM.  I don’t want to write more about the surprises and plot twists because it will rob readers of the experience.  I thought the twists were amazing and well done.  Though admittedly, I was mad at the first major plot surprise.  I had to put the book (okay my Nook) down and walk away from the story for a short period of time.  But in the end I realized that Flynn was brilliant.  She made me buy in completely to a certain idea of what the couple and the story was about.

The main characters are without jobs, frustrated by the economy and have moved to a small dying midwest town in Carthage Missouri.  Family ties and relationships are unwound and what remains is not all that pretty.

In the end, though, the characters were too far down the unlikable path for my taste.  They were not redeemable.  I like my characters flawed and hurting, thank you very much.  But to have nobody in the story be someone I can attach to?  To have only the side characters be the sympathetic ones?  That is a challenge for me.  There are certain scenes and phrases that one of the characters will say when he/she is mad (trying to be vague here ….) to describe other characters.  I felt it was just too shocking, that Flynn’s goal may have been to push the boundaries and make readers uncomfortable just because rather than contributing to the storyline.  Now vulgar doesn’t usually bother me and it really didn’t bother me here, I just thought it was too much.

So if you like dark, you like twisted and you enjoyed Flynn’s other books then I suggest you read this. 

Now onto my 3rd book of Fifty Shades!!!

Happy Reading!!


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